Saturday, November 28, 2009

War of my Life

The pressure to perform is enormous. I feel like schoolwork is the worst of all performances. If you were to act in a show, this could be a possible scenario: You have a lead role and you practice for weeks and weeks before the big opening night. Come opening night, you're nervous and sweaty, heart pounding outside of your ribcage. Actually, it feels like it's clogged in your throat. You give a phenomenal performance, but only for the first half. The second half, you choke, forgetting all your lines and missing all the cues. Once the curtain closes, you exhale deeply and listen to the sparse, scattered applause. The audience wasn't pleased.

It isn't the end of the world. You can audition for more plays and move on. The newspaper might write some bad reviews about your atrocious second-half performance. Your director and fellow theatre members might be upset. But ultimately, you move on and the "big performance" is nothing more than a distant bad memory.

I wish school was something more like that. Except, the pressure to perform is enormous because your entire GPA is at stake (especially if you've messed up like me) and messing up one "performance" jeopardizes one entire grade. Which ultimately boils down to: waste of a quarter. And your audience is admission committees across the country who are judging your worth as a good candidate and person based on numbers, statistics, and a few measly words that are supposed to encompass your passion and heart.

The pressure is just, killer.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Midnight Swim

I like moonlit walks on the beach. I like cloudy days with a bit of a breeze and chill. I like yellow legal pads and sharpie pens. I like messy graphs and ballpoint pen sketches. I like dark chocolate chunk cookies. I like salt-less fries from McDonalds. I like to dream big and plan big. I like chocolate milk made from syrup, not powder. I like Franklin Gutierrez from the Seattle Mariners. I like Rohto eye drops from Japan that burn your eyes awake. I like the pitch black darkness. I like girls who look good in glasses. I like the Batarang. I like free things. I like coupons. I like headphones that sound damn good with bumpin' bass and clear treble. I like people who are so talented, but humble. 

I like midnight swims.

Love FTW!

I hate Burger King.