Monday, August 17, 2009

Twitter craze?

I never really understood Twitter. I have to admit that. Then, I read Newsweek, Time, various news sites and discover that Twitter is the new "thing". People tweet the minute details of their mundane lives, ensuring that their "followers" have real-time updates about the whereabouts and activities of the tweeter. I can find that useful in two ways:

1. You've been kidnapped by terrorists. At least, you tweeted where you were a few minutes ago. So when your followers don't receive your next tweet in the next 10 minutes, they'll know something is terribly wrong and notify authorities. You are saved by Twitter!

2. "I would like to know what Dan is doing at all times of the day so I can admire him from afar!" - Hundreds of "Dan" fans

Of course, most people I know only tweet once a day (like me), but then I think "Why not just use Facebook where even more of your friends will know for sure what you're up to?"

I heard that Iranians protesting the recent election actually used Twitter massively in their revolt. Twitter is a huge, uncontrolled network, so people would tweet real-time updates to their rebellious activities and "warn" others. Of course, because it's not moderated, many tweets were probably erroneous and inaccurate.

I have a Twitter. Dan, you big hypocrite.


ALSO, I set it up so that my twitter updates when my blog updates. I hope it works!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Day

It's always a joy when India 2K8 comes down to visit and hang out in San Diego. Today, it was my pleasure to plan a day. We went to Sergios, Balboa Park, illegally checked out the science center, made food at home, and called it a day. Leo said it best during the mealtime: "It's always so much better to eat with people you love around the table". Sorry if that's a misquote.

It was good to spend a day with India 2K8. Now with this stsm 2K9 craze pretty much peaking, it's nice to reflect and still have the fun times with old mission-mates. We had special guest Elaine Lee to keep things new! Woohoo!

Next time, I want the rest of 2K8 to come down. That includes you blog reading ones in particular, JOE and EURRI.

Monday, August 10, 2009


One of the most powerful skits I've ever seen is "Everything". Embarrassingly enough, I tear up every time I see the skit because of the riveting message it conveys. God creates us and reveals the wondrous nature of His creation to us. It is ours to take care of and to enjoy. But we mess it all up. Like always.

Here I am, God. I get seduced by the "wonders" of this world. I am fooled into believing that life is a whimsical affair, ready to grab by the horns and too short to be abstaining from the pleasures of our lifestyle. Little do I realize, that I'm really just dancing with the Devil.

After days of emptiness, broken hearts, and feelings of worthlessness, how can I go on? God, I admit. My heart is too weak. The pressures of life weigh down like a ton, squeezing every last breath from this dying soul. Is life worth it? Is it worth all the effort we put into our endeavors-- is it worth living if our livelihood will be stolen away as quickly as it is given to us?

But God, You are worth living for. When life is at its breaking point, all my sin is trying to hold fast to my soul. He doesn't want me to turn to you. The enemy has slashed me and I am wounded, bleeding from a deep cut. Surely, this is my punishment for turning away from You and betraying Your trust. But just before the moment the enemy dishes out the finishing blow, You leap into the fray of battle and take the blade for me.

And isn't that the beauty of it? You may fall too, from the sword that was meant to fall upon MY head and end me. But, You overcome weakness and fight on. The enemy is no longer a threat to me. I am free from tyranny.

The integral aspect of the Gospel is not that we will overcome our sin. No, I believe that sin will haunt us for the rest of our lives. We are always in danger of relapse. We can't overcome our sin. The integral aspect of the Gospel is that Jesus fell and rose again to reveal His glory, so that we may fall and rise again time after time. We live for hope-- I live knowing that I can always be lifted up again even if I fell the thousandth time.

In the words of Lifehouse, how can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?