Friday, December 25, 2009

I hate Christmas Parties

Merry Christmas to the blogosphere!
On this day, we celebrate the birth of our Savior. The day when God became fully Man to live a wretched human life and die to save us from an eternal doom. Born so humbly in an unassuming setting.

How beautiful this day is to us who believe.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

War of my Life

The pressure to perform is enormous. I feel like schoolwork is the worst of all performances. If you were to act in a show, this could be a possible scenario: You have a lead role and you practice for weeks and weeks before the big opening night. Come opening night, you're nervous and sweaty, heart pounding outside of your ribcage. Actually, it feels like it's clogged in your throat. You give a phenomenal performance, but only for the first half. The second half, you choke, forgetting all your lines and missing all the cues. Once the curtain closes, you exhale deeply and listen to the sparse, scattered applause. The audience wasn't pleased.

It isn't the end of the world. You can audition for more plays and move on. The newspaper might write some bad reviews about your atrocious second-half performance. Your director and fellow theatre members might be upset. But ultimately, you move on and the "big performance" is nothing more than a distant bad memory.

I wish school was something more like that. Except, the pressure to perform is enormous because your entire GPA is at stake (especially if you've messed up like me) and messing up one "performance" jeopardizes one entire grade. Which ultimately boils down to: waste of a quarter. And your audience is admission committees across the country who are judging your worth as a good candidate and person based on numbers, statistics, and a few measly words that are supposed to encompass your passion and heart.

The pressure is just, killer.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Midnight Swim

I like moonlit walks on the beach. I like cloudy days with a bit of a breeze and chill. I like yellow legal pads and sharpie pens. I like messy graphs and ballpoint pen sketches. I like dark chocolate chunk cookies. I like salt-less fries from McDonalds. I like to dream big and plan big. I like chocolate milk made from syrup, not powder. I like Franklin Gutierrez from the Seattle Mariners. I like Rohto eye drops from Japan that burn your eyes awake. I like the pitch black darkness. I like girls who look good in glasses. I like the Batarang. I like free things. I like coupons. I like headphones that sound damn good with bumpin' bass and clear treble. I like people who are so talented, but humble. 

I like midnight swims.

Love FTW!

I hate Burger King.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Night Starts Here

I am getting old for this job. Fighting to stay awake for 8 hours, it's just too much for me. I can barely keep my eyes open, my lower back is aching, and images of my warm, soft bed torture me. I've applying to some new lab jobs from Port Triton, hoping that I can pick something up and quit CSO. And I guess if I can't get a new job, I'll just stick with this and suffer through because it's at least a source of meager college-student income. I'm surrounded by a can of Steaz iced tea, a cup of nestea, and a can of AMP energy drink. Yet, I'm still so tired. The effects are no longer strong enough for me.

Last week was midterm week! YAY! My first midterm went well. My last midterm went well. As for my 2nd (Genetics) midterm...I felt like utter crap when I walked out of that room. I remember when I got that test and looked through all the questions, my insides shriveled and I died a little inside. The midterm was long, hard, and bad. Fast forward to a few days, I read some messages on the discussion board in WebCT. I see one topic "That was so messed up...". It was good to see posts after posts of different students complaining about the midterm saying it was unfair, difficult, and way too long. 

Perhaps the curve will work in my favor then.

I don't know what I'm saying. The night is growing old and I am growing increasingly delirious. Save me from this madness.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nothing is Sound

Starting Junior year has been a wildly interesting ride. I came into this year with expectations and new responsibilities. Now, I'm an "upperclassmen", meaning I'll be thrust into the light of leadership as I become a small group leader. The schoolwork is manageable; I quit my lab to free up some time; the PPH internship is really opening my eyes to a future I may want to pursue; and I almost got fired from the police department. All-in-all, I would say it's been a strange month. 

I've been struggling with something I've never struggled with before. And trust me when I say this. I'm struggling with meeting new people and being open and friendly. Before, if someone asked me to describe myself, I would consider myself a friendly and approachable person. I try to be, knowing how it feels to be rejected by someone who appears aloof. But I've struggled a lot this past month trying to be welcoming to freshmen. I think I only really know like 3 people. I really don't know what's up. Maybe I don't care to meet new people? Am I just lazy and complacent?

I guess it's true when they say college really does change you. It's just kind of funny when you see the change as it happens.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hurts me soul.

I wrestle with a thought every now and then.

In social psychology, there is a term called "Just world belief". Simply put, good things will happen to good people and bad things will happen to bad people. It describes a certain perspective some people have when it comes to misfortune.

But, we, as Christians, know that the "Just world belief" is foolish and definitely false. Bad things happen to good people all the time. The wicked continue to prosper and enjoy their gluttonous lifestyles. Missionaries live in harsh conditions, while still remaining faithful to the God they so desperately want to share with the natives. Christians around the world are persecuted and subject to torture; meanwhile men who shamelessly commit horrible deeds relax and indulge in their spoils of wrongdoing.

I struggle with the thought of good people suffering. It's an age-old argument to the existence of God. How does a loving God allow His people to suffer? Why do women and children in Africa continue to die? What kind of God allows the world to continue along in its downward spiral?

I'm sure most people are familiar with the story of Job. A faithful man of God is stripped of all his wonderful treasures, family, and property. But all due to what? A test? Sometimes I wonder. Are Christians satisfied with the answer to suffering being a test of faith? We say we suffer because God wants to teach us or test us. Sometimes, we get pulled in different ways and truly come out a "better" person. Other times, we just don't see it but tell ourselves through gritted teeth that we just need to have more faith and sometimes God works in "mysterious" ways.

I wonder if people are truly comforted by the things we conjure up in our minds to justify suffering. We strive to understand God and delve deeper into Scripture to uncover truths that should comfort us. Instead of becoming more enlightened, often times we're inherently and unconsciously selfish and create our own truths with "Scriptural" backing. This is where I see all sorts of debates over controversial topics and different interpretations. We believe that OUR interpretation of Scripture is absolute. We say the Trinity exists because there are verses where God refers to Himself as "we". They say the Trinity doesn't even make sense. There is no mention of Trinity in Scripture. Then we create different sects and cults and ultimately confuse the whole world because an Absolute Truth has been torn into variations of the "Truth" that every group insists is the whole.

Gestalt Psychology says that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I think it's our responsibility to be well read in Scripture and know God's Word. I think the deeper knowledge we have, the more advantageous it is when it comes to evangelism or discussion. However, I believe that we are a mere cup that can only hold so much water, although there is a pitcher full of water. Seeking to fully understand God to a point where we could actually be rewriting His Truth to conveniently fit into our worldview that reigns supreme? That's just wrong.

Maybe I won't ever understand why people suffer. There are hundreds of books and verses that seek to comfort those who struggle with the same thing. And I will find comfort. I will have faith. But I won't know all.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Twitter craze?

I never really understood Twitter. I have to admit that. Then, I read Newsweek, Time, various news sites and discover that Twitter is the new "thing". People tweet the minute details of their mundane lives, ensuring that their "followers" have real-time updates about the whereabouts and activities of the tweeter. I can find that useful in two ways:

1. You've been kidnapped by terrorists. At least, you tweeted where you were a few minutes ago. So when your followers don't receive your next tweet in the next 10 minutes, they'll know something is terribly wrong and notify authorities. You are saved by Twitter!

2. "I would like to know what Dan is doing at all times of the day so I can admire him from afar!" - Hundreds of "Dan" fans

Of course, most people I know only tweet once a day (like me), but then I think "Why not just use Facebook where even more of your friends will know for sure what you're up to?"

I heard that Iranians protesting the recent election actually used Twitter massively in their revolt. Twitter is a huge, uncontrolled network, so people would tweet real-time updates to their rebellious activities and "warn" others. Of course, because it's not moderated, many tweets were probably erroneous and inaccurate.

I have a Twitter. Dan, you big hypocrite.


ALSO, I set it up so that my twitter updates when my blog updates. I hope it works!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Day

It's always a joy when India 2K8 comes down to visit and hang out in San Diego. Today, it was my pleasure to plan a day. We went to Sergios, Balboa Park, illegally checked out the science center, made food at home, and called it a day. Leo said it best during the mealtime: "It's always so much better to eat with people you love around the table". Sorry if that's a misquote.

It was good to spend a day with India 2K8. Now with this stsm 2K9 craze pretty much peaking, it's nice to reflect and still have the fun times with old mission-mates. We had special guest Elaine Lee to keep things new! Woohoo!

Next time, I want the rest of 2K8 to come down. That includes you blog reading ones in particular, JOE and EURRI.

Monday, August 10, 2009


One of the most powerful skits I've ever seen is "Everything". Embarrassingly enough, I tear up every time I see the skit because of the riveting message it conveys. God creates us and reveals the wondrous nature of His creation to us. It is ours to take care of and to enjoy. But we mess it all up. Like always.

Here I am, God. I get seduced by the "wonders" of this world. I am fooled into believing that life is a whimsical affair, ready to grab by the horns and too short to be abstaining from the pleasures of our lifestyle. Little do I realize, that I'm really just dancing with the Devil.

After days of emptiness, broken hearts, and feelings of worthlessness, how can I go on? God, I admit. My heart is too weak. The pressures of life weigh down like a ton, squeezing every last breath from this dying soul. Is life worth it? Is it worth all the effort we put into our endeavors-- is it worth living if our livelihood will be stolen away as quickly as it is given to us?

But God, You are worth living for. When life is at its breaking point, all my sin is trying to hold fast to my soul. He doesn't want me to turn to you. The enemy has slashed me and I am wounded, bleeding from a deep cut. Surely, this is my punishment for turning away from You and betraying Your trust. But just before the moment the enemy dishes out the finishing blow, You leap into the fray of battle and take the blade for me.

And isn't that the beauty of it? You may fall too, from the sword that was meant to fall upon MY head and end me. But, You overcome weakness and fight on. The enemy is no longer a threat to me. I am free from tyranny.

The integral aspect of the Gospel is not that we will overcome our sin. No, I believe that sin will haunt us for the rest of our lives. We are always in danger of relapse. We can't overcome our sin. The integral aspect of the Gospel is that Jesus fell and rose again to reveal His glory, so that we may fall and rise again time after time. We live for hope-- I live knowing that I can always be lifted up again even if I fell the thousandth time.

In the words of Lifehouse, how can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are You In?

These days, it seems that I've been reading a lot of memoirs. I've been reading memoirs of medical interns, surgeons, teenagers suffering from depression, and even a MMA fighter. I'm so intrigued with the lives of others, especially those in the medical profession. Could this mean that I find the field so fascinating that it is my calling?

Oh dear.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two Lefts don't make a Right, but Three do.

Tonight, I'm in a curious mood. I can't explain what I feel at the moment. It's a mixture of nostalgia, a tinge of sadness, fear of the future, and inexplicable joy. I want extrapolate on all four emotions, but yet, I cannot give clear reasons why I feel the way I feel. As I sit here in the darkness, my roommate Curtis peacefully slumbering away, I decided there's nothing better than just writing in a blog, to a readership that probably only comprises of three people (including me) who may or may not care about my thoughts or what I have to say.

I remember a time right after high school graduation. Spirits were high. I mean, we were graduated! Finally out of high school, out of our parents' clutches, ripe for college, ready to finally grow up and move on. For me, high school senior year and the subsequent summer meant growing even closer to my best friends and spending all the time in the world with them. I recall endless summer nights spent sitting in my car, listening to Relient K, hitting up Starbucks for a late night green tea frapp, or laughing for no reason. It sounds like a setting for a lame high school drama, but man, this was the LIFE.

What was looming over our heads, however, was going to college. We all acknowledged and frequently discussed the topic. Yes, things were never going to be the same. BUT, we were going to stay tight, keep in touch, and always love each other. Don't worry. Don't let fear of the future ruin the fun now. The lesson of the summer: Thoroughly enjoy the time you have with each other, carpe diem status, and cherish the memories. Maybe even remember them tearfully and fondly 2 years later, sitting in a dark room typing on a lame blog.

I remember typing a blog entry once. It can be read HERE. Oh, looking back, how afraid I was. How strangely confident I was, stepping into the unknown and letting God take me places I couldn't even imagine. Most importantly, looking back, I realize how foolish I was, even thinking college was the final chapter. In my head and writings, it's evident I thought of college as the final test before "real life". 2 years in, I realize college is just as much of a bubble as high school was. College is considered, by many, to be the best times in life. I couldn't agree more. Which is why I'm convinced that I still know so little about this world and its workings, and why I am more afraid than I was in high school.

I miss my friends, I really do. I'm starting to sound like a "Story of the Year" album on repeat, but the memories keep me alive. They made me who I am. Thinking back, I can't help but smile. Even if now, things aren't the same or we don't keep in touch anymore, I remind myself of something someone wise once told me.

People come and go. Some people are meant to come for only a brief moment of your life and change you, then leave. Others will remain with you for the rest of your days. Every person you encounter is significant to your growth, even if they only play a very minor role in your life.

With this, I end.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Why I want to be what I want to be.

An excerpt from Kay Redfield Jamison's memoir on her road to recovery from bipolar disorder and manic depression:

"The debt I owe my psychiatrist is beyond description. I remember sitting in his office a hundred times during those grim months and each time thinking, What on earth can he say that will make me feel better or keep me alive? Well, there never was anything he could say, that's the funny thing. It was all the stupid, desperately optimistic, condescending things he DIDN'T say that kept me alive; all the compassion and warmth I felt from him that could not have been said; all the intelligence, competence, and time he put into it; and his granite belief that mine was a life worth living.

He was terribly direct, which was terribly important, and he was willing to admit the limits of his understanding and treatments and when he was wrong. Most difficult to put into words, but in many ways the essence of everything: he taught me that the road from suicide to life is cold and colder and colder still, but -- with steely effort, the grace of God, and an inevitable break in the weather -- that I could make it."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Thoughts Before Class

1. I am going broke. Fast.
2. But yet, I work so much.
3. My rate of spending is significantly more than my rate of earning.

4. I must have 4.95 prime rib.

5. I like this summer.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Chinese Democracy

Take out Chinese food two days in a row does not bode well for your stomach NOR for your general health. Someone should do a "Supersize Me" with take out Chinese. THAT'S where the real killer is.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

The past three days, I've been suffering from a number of symptoms. I've had headaches, fatigue, a bit of nausea, and pain in the eyeballs (can you believe it?) It's not just that my eyes hurt, the muscles strapped around my eyeball hurt.

Before tonight, I was oblivious to as why I have these symptoms. But after a little bit of Google magic, I realized I had CAFFEINE WITHDRAWALS. I used to drink coffee every day and love every single cup. I haven't had coffee for about 5 days. I put two and two together and now it all makes sense.

Although I was in pain, I managed to rush out the door to drive to Peet's, chanting "COFFEE!!!!!" like a madman.

And I got my cup o' Joe. And now, the pain is gone.

I am a coffee addict.

The most cliche coffee image ever.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fall for Anything

Summer is a good time for a CSO. It's those 2 months that I get to work night shifts (9 pm to 5 am) and pretty much have all that time to myself. Needless to say, I get paid a lot for working "graveyard" shifts. For example, last night, I played Hero of Sparta on my iTouch, enjoyed Chris Caffeineman's company, watched Corpse Bride, and created my extensive and detailed schedule on my Sunbird calendar program.

Tonight, I decided to bring along my PSYC 125 course reader and some study guides to read until 11 PM (that's when we're "allowed" to bust out our laptops). I read some, then at 11 PM, I whipped out my laptop and watched hours of Scrubs and then researched potential future careers in the field that I am currently pursuing.

So, what's the point? Working these long hours in the dark, sitting outside in the terrace part of OVT, I find a lot of time for myself. I find that there is almost an unbearable surplus of time that I can sit here to think about whatever I want to think about and do whatever I want to do. I could buy a Rosetta Stone program or a book or something and learn French. I could practice watercolour painting every time I work and become a watercolour master by the end of summer. My head spins when I think about this time that is so free, so open. It's so paradoxical because most of us WISH we had all the time in the world to do things; like I do now.

Tonight was peculiar. In my reader, I read "A Glass full of Tears". Intrigued by the somewhat melancholy, depressing title, I started reading a memoir by June Lund Shiplett about coping and living with her husband diagnosed with vascular/multi-infarct dementia, an illness that destroys brain cells. It's kind of like Alzheimer's, but worse.

Dementia turned her husband, Charlie, into a highly irrational human being who often forget where he was or who he was. He became plagued with crazy paranoid thoughts that worried June, and he would become infuriated and abusive if she disagreed or tried to be rational. Charlie's dementia grew more severe as the months went by and he became increasingly dangerous. There came a point where June had to admit defeat and "let go" of Charlie to be taken care of by professionals.

What stuck out to me was her love for her husband. Mentioned often in the article was June talking about how Charlie was constantly verbally abusing her or even swinging at her in violence. Other days, Charlie was completely normal and himself, joking around and smiling. This was the man she loved. The other Charlie, the one inflicted with dementia, was a stranger; so cold and so detestable. Her dedication to her husband, despite the sheer difficulty of dealing and living with him, is admirable and amazing. June doubted God often, questioning His purpose and plan. But in the end, her love for Charlie was so deep.

I'll leave with this quote in her memoir:

"....And I think the best way is to stick out your chin, keep your faith, and a heart full of love. I've learned that I'm stronger than I thought I was and that love is one of the strongest emotions we have as human beings. Love is not just wanting to be with someone all the time, and it isn't just the physical excitement and touching, it's sharing who and what you are with that other person. It's giving yourself unconditionally, without thought to reward. It's hanging on when you don't think you can possibly hang on any longer."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Broken Toy

The end of my finals week is the same as the end of last year's finals week. It's that time of year when I probably gain the most weight. It's the time of year when I'm most tired and most frustrated with every little detail of my life. It's that time of year when I'm most likely to explode on someone or something.

Brand New put it best, I feel like a toy whose batteries have run dry. And I need renewal. I have two weeks to rest in between finals week and my first week of summer session. Once summer session starts, the onslaught of my two jobs and schoolwork will commence.

I need recharge!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I love you, You are my friend.

*Disclaimer: I don't claim to be speaking the Absolute Truth in this post, but just interesting speculation on a topic that I find difficult to grasp*

If there's one concept in my faith that will continue to baffle nonbelievers and even some believers, it's the Trinity. There are times when I think about it and I can't seem to wrap my head around the idea of One God and Three persons. It's an idea that separates our faith from "Christian" cults like Mormonism and Jehovah's Witnesses. I guess logically, it makes no sense. How can there be three persons in one God "persona"? It's not that there are three separate Gods. He's one, but yet He is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I guess to deepen confusion, in the Gospels, Jesus was definitely walking around and being "human" while there was still a "God" up in Heaven, expressing his approval of His son. And on the cross, didn't Jesus cry out to "The Father"? So how can this be one God? I guess it would entirely make sense that God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are definitely three separate people. I mean, the word "Trinity" doesn't even appear once in the Word. It's only implied by the pronoun "we" in certain verses throughout. 

I'm going to shamelessly borrow what I learned and read in The Shack by WM. Paul Young. I think most of what I read in this book really shed a very logical light on difficult topics. The Trinity was one of them. As some of you might know, this book is a "memoir" of sorts about a man named Mack who gets to spend a weekend with God in a remote cabin where his daughter was allegedly murdered. There, he is able to ask God questions about anything and everything he's always had doubts about when it came to his faith. And ultimately, Mack comes to terms with his loss, which has caused great pain that has created a rift between him and God. 

But back to the Trinity. First of all, we will never be able to grasp the wonder of God's nature. We are like a small cup. The Knowledge of God and His workings are the water in a large pitcher. We can only understand so much, but there's so much about God that will always remain mysterious to us. Besides, who will want to worship a God that is fully comprehended?

"We are not three gods, and we are not talking about one god with three attitudes, like a man who is a husband, father, and worker. I am one God and I am three persons, and each of the three is fully and entirely the one."

If God were simply one God and only one Person, then we would be missing something essential. We would be missing love and relationship. Love and relationship is possibly for us only because God Himself is the relationship. Love isn't the limitation, but rather God IS love. 1st John can confirm this. 

This is where it got somewhat confusing, but yet made sense to me. 

God would not be capable of love if He did not have a relationship within Himself. If we had a One-person God, he might only be able to love out of his limitations, which means he could act without love. And that is NOT our God. Our God CANNOT ACT APART FROM LOVE. 

The Trinity is a perfect representation of Love, the Love that IS God. The Father, the Son, and Spirit are all essential to each other, and all Persons love each other very much. SO much love, in fact, that their relationship makes them ONE. 

Whoaa. It reminds me of how man and wife become united in one flesh when they are married and love each very much. But God Himself is PERFECT Love, meaning God has PERFECT Unity, within Himself. 

Each three Personas also had three different "functions" which ultimately made ONE perfect plan for us. God the Father created the world and concocted the master plan. God the son came to our world, became fully human, yet fully God, and lived a life here on earth as we should live, in perfect harmony with God the Father (at least until He took the cup of wrath for us). Through his death and resurrected, the Son executed the master plan. The Spirit is ultimately God working through us actively. All things are possible because of the Spirit working through us, growing us daily, allowing us to produce fruit. 

So to recap, the Trinity is a concept of ONE God, but with three Persons in perfect relationship with each other as to represent PERFECT LOVE, which is GOD. Because God = Love. And because of this, God loves us unconditionally and perfectly. That's why He would send His only begotten Son to die on the cross for us to save us from eternal separation from His Love. And in turn, we are able to have love and relationships within our own lives with our future spouses, children, family, and friends (as imperfect as it is) We love because God loved first.

All I have to say to this is, wow. Love is seriously what it's all about. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Instead of a Show

I hate all your show and pretense
the hypocrisy of your praise
the hypocrisy of your festivals
I hate all your show

Away with your noisy worship
Away with your noisy hymns
I stop up my ears when your 
singing ‘em
I hate all your show

Instead let there be a flood
of justice
An endless procession of righteous
living, living
Instead let there be a flood 
of justice
Instead of a show

your eyes are closed when you’re praying
you sing right along with the band
you shine up your shoes for services
but there’s blood on your hands

you turned your back on the homeless
and the ones that don’t fit in your plans
quit playing religion games
there’s blood on your hands

Ah! let’s argue this out
if your sins are blood red
let’s argue this out
you’ll be white as the clouds
let’s argue this out
quit fooling around

give love to the ones who can’t love at all
give hope to the ones who got no hope at all
stand up for the ones who can’t stand up at all
instead of a show
I hate all your show


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Narrow Stairs

I just found out that CSOs have priority registration! Meaning, my class registration day is on day 1 of registration! WOOHOO!! I don't know why we got it, but I'm not going to complain. I'll finally take all the classes that I want to take. Goodbye to wait-listing forever.

I'm seeing Jon Foreman tonight. Bye!

*useless post*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tell Her About It

I bought a betta fish today. His name is Sigmund Freud. You can call him Siggy. It's like how science nerds and geniuses name their pets after famous scientists, such as Newton or Einstein. Freud is my source of inspiration for my studies. Yeah, I know, Freud is wack and I don't exactly think most of his theories are valid or sound. But Freud is more recognizable and sounds better than James (after William James) or Jung. 

Tonight, I had a BBQ with the homies. Homies = suitemates from last year. It was a lot of fun. I made some bomb potatoes with rosemary, salt, garlic powder, parmesan cheese, and pepper, drizzled with olive oil. The steaks Adrian made were pretty awesome as well. 

Have you ever felt that life is just passing you by and you barely have time to breath?

Am I joking? I'm sure everyone feels that.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Enjoy the Silence

I decided, it's not fair to judge anything before you have tried it or before you have thoroughly researched and educated yourself about it. Such a simple, obvious lesson, but it took a while for me. So here are two examples of how I've been trying to practice my new philosophy:

I talked trash about Twilight. Edward Cullen? Vampires? A whole book filled with glorified adjectives about the impossible attractiveness of a vampire? No thank you. Not to mention a horrid movie was also released. I was genuinely appalled by the whole Twilight craze, especially the throng of girls who are ready to sell their hearts for the sexy fictional pale-skinned, auburn hair, beautiful, perfect straight nose, piercing ice cold brown eyes, *insert more adjectives* Edward Cullen. 

But alas, I have judged this entire franchise without giving it a chance. The craze may be a bit much, but who knows? Maybe the book may offer intrigue and end up being an excellent read. So I picked up Twilight for 4 bucks off and I've started reading it as a bathroom read. I'll let you guys know how I like it.

Secondly, Tristina challenged me about sorority girls. She asked me why I hate sororities so much. And I gave some typical answers like, "Bleh, there's just no purpose! All they do is drink and pay money to have friends!" And then she asked me how I know that. And I say, "Just look at Facebook and it's just obvious through pictures. And I have some friends in sororities too, it's just dumb". Furthermore, she pushed my buttons by saying "But how do you know all of them are like that, what about the ones who don't drink? What about sorority girls who are in it for connections and for valid reasons?" To that, I just say "Bah humbug". I admit that I do judge them, although I am honestly not really tight or close with any one of them to know them that well. 

But today, I talked to a sorority girl and asked her all types of questions about her sorority. After somewhat of an educational conversation, I concluded this:

Sororities still have no point; all you do is dress up and attend events, which usually involves drinking. "You pay to have a social life (1200 a year). You don't really make friends unless you really make the effort anyway". Direct quote from the girl.

Well, done deal. I still don't like sororities.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Random thoughts of the day:

1. I don't write in my blog enough.
2. I want to watch Tae Guk Gi and feel the BROTHERHOOD.
3. I don't want to work tomorrow =(.
4. I STILL haven't cleaned my room. It's been 3 weeks now.
5. It feels good to actually get work done. EARLY. and AHEAD OF TIME.
6. My classes are interesting!

I feel like I need to prioritize and get my life back into shape.

See, I hate typing that. Because I feel like I've regurgitated that same exact statement hundreds of times throughout my life. I sound like a broken record. I have never at one point felt that my life was completely in my control. I guess it goes to say that it probably never will be. My life will always be unpredictable and exciting. Not because exciting things happen to me, but because the unexpected always seems to pop up when I'm not paying attention. 

I bought Trader Darwin's COMPLETE EFA (flaxseed, borage seed & fish oils) all in one dietary supplement because I want to take care of my brain. Does anyone think all these supplements and crazes about miracle foods are all a fluke? I'm willing to take my chances and take these supplements if it means my brain will live for a long, long time. One of the things I fear most is the deterioration of my memory and cognitive functions. Of course, if my brain does go kapoot, I probably wouldn't be all that aware of the dearth of my condition and it wouldn't matter to me. But, the thought makes me shudder still. My brain is what I have to continue to live life vicariously and be conscious of my heart (not just the beating organ, but everything I love and care about). 


Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I just want to let my blog readers know:

I haven't been, nor have I even tried, to be the best that I could and should be. 

I say I want to give love, accountability, and friendship.
I fail in all aspects.

But what I love is that every time I fall, there is always room for redemption. Sometimes, I feel bad because it's like, dang, what if I'm taking advantage of God's grace, knowing He'll always love me and accept me in all my dirtiness. But, I know that worrying about that will cheapen God's grace. I don't want to fall into trying to pay God back or be legalistic. 

Forgive me friends!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Strawberry Days

Okay, I don't know about you guys...but I really want to go try the Kogi tacos. I just hear nothing but good things about it. I always hear about how packed it is and how they use Korean bbq meat for their tacos. I even went on their website and salivated after looking through their pictures. I was doing my business in my parent's bathroom and saw the Kogi truck featured on the front page of the Korean news. THAT'S HOW KOGI IS TAUNTING ME RIGHT NOW.

So, I must go. I MUST GO.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Lining is Silver

Trying to live life without God feels empty.

This, I learned throughout high school; back when I thought I could do it on my own, throw off my "religion" yoke and finally become immersed in this huge, diverse world. People will have you believe that your vision is clouded and you are narrow-minded if you continue to cling onto this childish belief in a God. And for a time, I agreed. I felt, who are Christians to judge this and that, just because their God said so? It didn't make sense.

But call it the God delusion. Call it the God gene. Try to attribute the spiritual highs to abnormal physiology or elevated emotion. Tell me that I'm just finding an excuse to not deal with my problems by so easily trusting in my God. SAY IT. I'm being unrealistic.

But I can't live without God. He gives me a peace that the world cannot provide. The comfort I get from God, I can't find in anything else, not my accomplishments, not even my friends and family, nothing. Knowing the extent of His grace, knowing His LOVE. How can I not rejoice?

How can I not worship?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

There Can Be No Dispute That Monsters Live Among Us

Do you think Ginkgo Biloba supplement pills will really work in improving my memory capacity?

We will find out soon enough!!

In other news, it is officially finals week.
Additionally, I am screwed because it is finals week!
Finally, this weekend is ruined because it is finals week!

I encourage everyone to study hard and not party hard. Sleep too little, eat too late, study sparingly, and hang out excessively. THIS IS FINALS WEEK.

If "FINALS" were an emissary sent to me asking me to give up my week to its supreme majesty and be subject to its rule, I would kick Finals down a bottomless well.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

19th Nervous Breakdown

No, I really haven't had 19 nervous breakdowns. 
But It's almost 5 AM.
I'm halfway through my 12 pages of Muir 50 essay.

I have approximately 10 hours to finish this mess.

19. 5. 12. 50. 10.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Ice is Getting Thinner

Why is it so hard to love some people?

My patience is spread so thin. 

But I must love them.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

All I taste today is what's her name.

Blogs are meant to be our own spot on the inter-web where we can post our thoughts, feelings, and opinions for the public to acknowledge and criticize. Right?
Blogs are where you post certain things to scream for attention and tell people, "HEY, this is what I'm thinking and I want you to read this and care about it!" It's where we pour out our hearts (sometimes) and where we post things that we secretly want certain people to read. 

So here I go, and forgive my extreme emotion.

Today, I didn't want to wake up. I wish I could've just slept through today. I wish I could just sleep through this entire week until the weekend.
Wake me up when this week ends, please.

But also today, I found comfort in friendship. A smile and hug that ultimately warmed the cold winter of my inner being. 

Today, I found that I was thankful I woke up. Because as much as I want to sleep my problems away and sleep until it gets better, the days are worth the problems. The day isn't complete without a little bit of trouble and worry.

I guess it goes along with the idea that you have to go down to come back up?
If it weren't for the low points, I wouldn't even know how high the high points really are.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crayons can melt on us for all I care.

At times, silence is golden and can express what a thousand words cannot.

Sometimes, it's best to hold back what you want to say and bite your tongue.

At times, inaction is action. Not doing what you want to do is doing exactly what you should be doing.

I throw up my hands in frustration and go on with life.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love Jealous One, Love

I feel like the most embarrassing things happen to me fairly often. I always tell people that I can write an amazingly thick book about my awkward moments. Today was no exception. I had a "guy's night out" with Erection (Eric Shin) and Sheldon (Eugene). We originally planned to just hang out at Fashion Valley and perhaps window shop, go eat at Onami's, and call it a night. But due to my spontaneity and penchant for having fun, we did so much more.

We couldn't find Fashion Valley. I completely forgot it was off the 163, so I instead drove down the 8 East. Becoming suspicious, I called Tristina to clarify the location of Fashion Valley. She told me to take the 163 south, get off Friars. Okay, good stuff. I turn back, 8 West and get on the 163 South. My face soon became etched with chagrin as I found myself driving in the streets of Downtown San Diego towards Balboa Park. Definitely not Fashion Valley. Sheldon and Eric began to fume with anger and yelled at me for not being able to find directions well. I texted Tristina saying she gave me the wrong directions and she apologized profusely. That girl.

So we never found ourselves at Fashion Valley but instead went to Mission Valley where Onami's was. We hung out at Target. And stuff. This is where the real story begins:

We were in Puptastic (or whatever, it was one of those "trendy" dog stores, like Barkworks) and Eric was goo-goo-eyed over the puppies. While he was preoccupied, Sheldon waved at me and we silently left the store. Laughing to ourselves, we chanced upon a photo booth and thought "Let's make Eric jealous by taking hilarious pictures and rub it in his face that we had so much fun!"

So we did.

However, the machine was confusing. And I tried to choose the "best friends" theme, but instead the machine chose "lovers" for us. As if it weren't inappropriate enough, the machine decided "sepia" was the best scheme, although we wanted "color". Sheldon and I took the four pictures, one of them being a hand heart. 

The pictures look legitimately gay. Like, damn, if you didn't know us, you'd think we have the hots for each other. Sheldon, yummy. 

We go to Onami's and everything's fine. The food is fantastic. But I leave my pictures on the table after we leave. I realize this when we've been out for about 10 minutes already.

I go back to Onami's and don't find the picture on the table. 
"Um, excuse me, did you-" Without even letting me finish, the waitress gives me a strange look and says "Yeah, I put it in the front". She gives me another look and I'm feeling very hot in the back of my neck all of a sudden.

"Excuse me sir, the waitress told me that -"
"Yeah, here." 
The host looks at the picture and hands it to me, again, giving me a very quizzical and forced accepting look. I snatch the picture from his hands and literally run away.

Sheldon points and laughs, but realizes he's in the picture too and we're both so very fruity.

The end.

p.s. Watch Coraline; I loved it! 8/10

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Horses in the Sky

I'm procrastinating. As usual.

Writing an essay about bottled water and why it is a bane to a sustainable, healthy society is not as fun as it sounds. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Sound of Animals Fighting. But I don't think a lot of people can appreciate them. Honest.

I like to FEEL my music, not just listen.

If you can't play music with passion, then it's not worth it.

Music is too powerful. It toys with your emotions. 
But remember, art is hard.
You gotta recreate your misery. Sink to swim.

Sometimes, I secretly wish I wasn't doing psychology or history, but instead pursuing music. That's if I didn't care about stability and money.

But already, I don't even have the true musician's heart.
If I cared so much about stability and music, I don't belong in the music industry.
I don't want to become a capitalist slave to corporate and churn out those hits to please the crowd. I want to please the right crowd with music made from the heart, even if it's not going to sell big. Immortal Technique, anyone?


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Give Up!

I'm not signing onto AIM and FACEBOOK until NEXT FRIDAY, FEB 20th, at 11:59 PM. 

I need some more discipline. If I can keep this up for a week, then I may consider a MONTH (!?!). I dunno, I just need less of it, more time for other things.

If you want to hang or talk, CALL ME! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1 Minute, 1 Second

I've been thinking a lot.

Yeah, that sounds kind of funny. I've just had a lot of time just to ponder the deeper issues of life, especially because as a CSO, I just bike around aimlessly for hours. One of the things that hit me lately is the topic of LOVE. Weird huh? Why would I think about love so randomly? Is it because of my relationship? Is it because February is a month when "love" explodes and paints the world pink and red?

Love is overrated. Overplayed. I'm sure if you've had a relationship in high school, you probably said the 3 epic words: I love you; to your "significant other". Probably briefly mentioned marriage. Think back, and you were so naive to even say such powerful words to a girl or boy you were heavily infatuated with. People say "I love you" one day, but break it off the next day after a "hard fight". People say "I love you" another day, and show otherwise. I'm annoyed. I'm pissed. The word "love" has become overused and has been mashed into a swirl of word vomit, part of the necessary lexicon of couples who feel so strongly for each other. How can we even be sure you mean it? How do we know you're not just saying it just to pressure the other person to say it back so that you can inflate your own ego? How can we be sure that you're not just saying it just because you think it's proper and necessary to say the words?

To understand love, we have to stop looking at chick flicks, tv shows, and sappy romantic songs. We have to look beyond the Korean dramas with the same formula: jerk + down-to-earth girl + cute dates + drama + difficult parents/friends + music = love love love. We have to look towards the only love that has never seemed to have failed us. GOD loved us first, so we love.

So I came to define love in my own way based on what I can learn from God's love for us. Love isn't only passionate and intimate. It's not just a fiery spark that leads to intense feelings and longing to see each other. Love is COMMITTED. We won't always like our spouse, but that doesn't mean we stopped loving them. God is committed to us. We mess up all the time and basically slap Him across the face with our iniquity and rebellion. But, He continues to forgive and love. Imagine if God was like a typical girlfriend or boyfriend and you have small little quibbles with God about how much you spend time with Him, how your love for him fluctuates (sometimes you feel all tight with God, sometimes not), and whatnot; He'd break up with your sorry self within seconds. God doesn't deserve someone like you, me, or anyone else on this earth. Right?

God loves His church enough to give us His son. Love is committed. Love is HUMBLE. There was no holding back. God never held back. He gave us His one and only son. God gave us the greatest gift. Jesus humbled Himself before us by being obedient to His Father, taking on our sins, and dying for us. I guess a lot of people would say that love is sacrificial. But I think it's more than that. Sacrifice is only part of it. Sacrifice implies a greater quality, which is humility. Jesus put Himself down so we could be raised and brought before the Father without judgment.

In this way, we should learn something about "true love". We all want it one day and continue to search for it. But the Bible is clear about a marriage representing God and His love for the Church. So may we strive to LOVE as God loves. Our love will always be imperfect; we will fail. But we have comfort in knowing that there is Love that is unfailing.

God is love, my friends.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Running (Dying to Live)

Running at the track is something I do to maintain my relatively low stress level. At the track, it is void of the usual hustle and bustle of campus. There are usually no other people, maybe the occasional one or two runners. The night air is crisp and bitterly cold, but running in such weather is perfect for me. I love feeling my throat freeze up as I inhale the cold air and seeing my breath dissipate into the space before me as I exhale. It's a liberating feeling and there's nothing like it.

But you thought this post was about the beauty of solitude in running and how it is significant to the private workings of my complex lifestyle and mind. But it's really about something embarrassing that happened to me today.

Tonight, I was stretching at the track with Eric. There was no one else on the track. I really had to relieve myself, drain the lizard, wee-wee, whatever. Seeing as how empty the entire area was and that there was an inviting patch of shrubbery (God made it so I could pee in it), I decided to just go pee in the bushes, like any rational and desperate human being would do.

But as my luck would have it, at the precise moment I'm at the prime of my relieving process, a mysterious car turns from the street INTO the track gate and starts heading towards me. Frantically, I try to shake out the remaining liquid in my bladder. Eric starts yelling at me, informing me that a car is heading my way. As if this wasn't embarrassing enough, stream lights flash on and shed light directly on me and my package. It just had to be the cops.

I pull up my pants and casually walk away from the squad car as it inches towards me. All sorts of thoughts run through my head. I really hope this isn't that stupid anal cop who would write you up for not wearing a helmet when biking or "lewd act in public" for peeing in the bushes. He pulls up finally to Eric and me. I turn around and say "Whatsup officer?", as if nothing had happened. He has a huge grin on his face and asks "There's a truck parked outside, it wouldn't happened to be yours, would it?"

Knowing immediately that there is definitely no truck parked outside, I shrug and tell him I know nothing about it. He gives me one last look and drives off, probably laughing to himself and making a mental note to share this hilarious story with the boys at the station. 

The end.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good Day

I'm awake right now at 10:33 AM because I have a CSO general meeting in 27 minutes.
The sun is up. I want to take a shower so bad because I feel grungy and dirty, but the hot water has been shut off for two days (!!!). My body feels tired. My mind feels tired. Complain complain complain!

But yet, I somehow know it's going to be a good day. 

Despite everything that could go wrong, I know it's going to be alright.

I'll leave with this excerpt from "Waiting Here" by Reuben Morgan, one of my favorite songs in times when comfort is needed:

Everything will work out.
Everything will work out.
When I see You
I know I'll understand.


- Dan

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The New Year

It's been 8 day into the New Year. 

So many things are happening in my life already for 2009. Unbelievable!

It's going to be a big year, I can just feel it. 2008 went by too fast. It seems like it ended right as it was just starting to get good. But 2009 is bound to feel the same. Sometimes, I feel like we just let time slip by us and we don't recognize until it's too late.

I'm freaking tired. good night! sorry for this useless post =)

- Dan