Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where the Love lasts forever.

Sometimes I worry too much.
Maybe that seems like a stupid statement. Of course I worry. Everyone worries about something! Nothing is right in this world. At any given moment, something can be going wrong. Something is deviating from what you would deem satisfactory and stable. It's just a constant reminder of how broken this world is and how uncomfortable we must be living this life. 

I obviously don't completely trust in God. If I worry about such petty things such as schoolwork, my GPA, and finances, I don't trust that He has something great in store for me, despite any "failures". And because I don't trust, we can deduce that I have very little faith in God. In Greek, faith and trust are synonymous. 

Someone needs to come over here and slap me in the face. How can I NOT trust in God? Look at everything He's done for me, all the blessings. Think about INDIA. Countless times has God shown His hand working powerfully in our lives. We have seen our worlds shaken, lives changed, and people saved. Yet, we do not trust completely.

I'm constantly reminded of the Israelites in Exodus. We are the Israelites in the Exodus times. How foolish do those people seem to you! God split the Red Sea right before their very eyes, provided manna in the desert, dished out 10 plagues upon their enemies, Egypt, and delivered them from slavery. YET, they complain, make golden calves, grumble, vocally express their desire to go back to Egypt, and FORGET. These are people who have seen God's very power before their eyes, so explicitly, so clearly, it's unmistakable. STILL, they have the nerve to complain to God and distrust Him. We are the very same. We can see God working in the most extraordinary times and the most ordinary times. Our hearts and minds are CHANGED because of Him. And yet, we find reason to complain.

We're unbelievable. 

Forgive me of my lack of faith.

This life is so hard. So easy to let faith waver. So easy to lose trust. But God is eternal and faithful to us. We draw back, but He always pulls us back to Him. And you know, it takes SURRENDER.

I leave you with the chorus of one of my favorite songs:

So I throw my life upon all You are
'Cause I know You gave it all for me
And when all else fades,
My soul will dance with You,
Where the love lasts forever.

We press on towards our true Home.

- Dan

Friday, October 3, 2008

Neighborhood #3: Life is crazy.

I just dropped my MUS 11: Folk Music class today because I thought about it long and hard. The class, easy A as it may be, isn't worth it. Frankly, I'm not very interested in it. 

I'm here at college not only to get a degree as fast as I can and throw myself into the real world. I'm here to explore, learn, and challenge myself. I want to fulfill my requirements, but at the same time be able to do the classes that will truly stretch my mind.

This quarter, I'm going to really get into my major.

I am taking:
PSYC 3: Cognitive Foundations
PSYC 60: Statistics
COGS 17: Neuroscience and Cognition
MATH 20B: Calculus

So we'll see where this takes me.

The brain is fun to learn about.

- Dan