Monday, May 3, 2010


Man, I've become such a lard. Food is literally going to be the death of me. My life is overrun with fast food and snacks. And then I go through brief periods of eating somewhat healthy and go buy carrot sticks and celery at Trader Joe's. But in no time at all, it's back to gorging a fat Vallarta's quesoburrito (frickin' delicious BTW) and gaining all the weight back.

I need to shape up and hit the gym. No more looking at old "skinny Dan" pictures in nostalgia. Time to make it a reality. Again. Time to release gallons of sweat and stress through cardio. Time to say no to burgers and fries and say yes to greens and whole grains.

It kills me because life without delicious food is one hardly worth living.

Anyways, I probably only think/say this once a quarter before I get lambasted with cursed finals. Learning is such a blessing and an opportunity that I let pass by too often. I like to ditch class because I feel like I can just learn "on my own" and just study the book. I don't soak in and study all I should. And sometimes I look back and think, man I wish I had actually learned the stuff in that class rather than just cram it all before the final and forget it soon after. But whatever.

Taking these classes not only gives me headaches, stress, and a hefty bill for each unit, but it also gives me renewed appreciation for God's perfect design. Especially for science classes, I look at all the intricacies of the cell and its basic processes and I am in awe of its complexities. Maybe that's what makes learning so enjoyable at certain moments such as these.

But, I will probably go back to complaining and hating life tomorrow, since my midterm will just be one day away.

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